Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Evsey David Domar (April 16, 1914 - April 1, 1997) was a Polish-American economist, famous as co-author of the Harrod-Domar model.

Evsey DomarEvsey Domar Work

The Burden of the Debt and the National Income, 1944, AER.
Proportional Income Taxation and Risk-Taking, with Richard Musgrave, 1944.
Capital Expansion, Rate of Growth and Employment, 1946, Econometrica.
Expansion and Employment, 1947, AER.
The Problem of Capital Accumulation, 1948, AER.
Capital Accumulation and the End of Prosperity, 1949, Proceedings of Internat. Statistical Conference
The Effect of Foreign Investment on the Balance of Payments, 1950, AER.
A Theoretical Analysis of Economic Growth, 1952, AER.
Depreciation, Replacement and Growth, 1953, EJ.
The Case for Accelerated Depreciation, 1953, QJE.
Essays in the Theory of Economic Growth, 1957.
On the Measurement of Technological Change, 1961, EJ.
The Soviet Collective Farm as a Producer Co-Operative, 1966, AER.
An Index-Number Tournament, 1967, QJE.
The Causes of Slavery or Serfdom: A hypothesis, 1970, Journal of Economic History.
On The Optimal Compensation of a Socialist Manager, 1974, QJE.

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