Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Agha PetrosAgha Petros
Agha Petros Elia of Baz (Syriac: ܐܓܐ ܦܜܪܘܣ; born 1 April 1880, died 2 February 1932) was an Assyrian General during World War I. Petros was born in the Lower Baz village, Ottoman Empire. He completed his elementary education in his village school and went to Urmia to attend one of the European missionary schools. He spent three years in the United States. He was well learned in the Assyrian, Turkish, Arabic, French, Persian, English, and Russian languages. Due to his language skills, he was employed as secretary by the Turkish Consulate in Urmia. In 1909 he was appointed Turkish Consul. He was exiled by British authorities in what is now Iraq and resided in Toulouse, France. He participated in the League of Nations Peace Conference, October 26, 1923. He was poisoned and died in France on February 2, 1932.

Military history
Agha Petros defeated the Turks in Sauj Bulak and drove them back to Rowanduz. Agha Petros had no real control over Assyrians or Armenians, and was indeed greatly mistrusted by many of them. There was deep disunion in the ranks, instead of posting a force to contain the Turks who he had defeated he moved his forces to Sain Kala which reached seven days after the British detachment retired.

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